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If you are suffering from hay fever and other respiratory problems, it is time for you to invest in a good quality air purifier for your home. You no longer have to suffer from sleep problems due to air pollutants present in your room. There are good air purifier brands in Australia to meet your budget and preferences. This guide will give you a list of some of the best air purifying brands you may buy for your home online!

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5 Best air purifiers for your home

Looking for the best air purifier needs time and research. The quality, functionality and price are your key deciding factors when it comes to buying one for your home.

  1. PureZone 3-in-1- Air purifiers manufactured under this brand are high in quality and sold at fair prices. They are easily available in both local and online stores. Philips pays a lot of attention to details, and most of the current models available in the market have a special warning light to notify homeowners that the filters need to be cleaned.
  2. Hoover- Air purifiers manufactured by Hoover have bee popular ever since they were launched in the market. Besides the basic functions of maintaining clean air with the removal of pollutants, the models available in the market provide homeowners with an air quality display indicator. This indicator turns red when the air quality in the room is not clean enough. Once the pollutants from the room are removed, the display light turns from red to green.
  3. Sharp- Sharp air purifiers sport the latest technologies in most of their recent models launched in the market. The Plasmacluster Ion Technology is very popular when it comes to cleaning unhealthy air dangerous for the occupants of the room to breathe. Sharp air purifiers are one of the best air purifying brands available in Australia today.
  4. Dyson– Dyson is one of the most reliable manufacturers of air purifiers in Australia, and it is known for affordable models infused with the latest technologies in the market. The brand is also known for its sleek looking models that add to the interior décor of your room quite naturally.
  5. Winix- Air purifiers from Winix are known to remove the levels of dust from your room along with smelly odours. There are however some models that do make a faint noise when the fan is on however some recent ones launched in the market to operate silently.
    Therefore, if you wish to keep the air of your home healthy and clean for a good night’s sleep, invest in any of the best air purifier brands- PureZone 3-in-1  listed above. Visit their official websites and go through the range of models available for your home and budget. The after-sales support of these brands have good online reviews. The quality and prices of all their models available in the market are reasonable for most consumers. Shop compare them online and buy the perfect model that suits your budget and preferences with success!